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Located in Palazzo Barberini

The famous helicoidal staircase thought to be designed by Francesco Borromini between 1633-1634 is one of the architectural masterpieces in Rome. It is very aesthetic with white color and made by 12 double Doric twisted columns in each turn and the capitals of the columns are decorated with the small bees ( the symbol of Barberini family).

Besides being aesthetic the staircase also designed as very distributive and functional. It was intended for private use.

It takes the sunlight perfectly from the top of the structure. After seeing the impressive collection inside of Palazzo Barberini including artists such as Raphael, Caravaggio, Gian Lorenzo Bernini , Guido Reni, and keeps going, the staircase stands there as another piece of art to impress the visitor more.

Architectural plan by Vignola

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